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Storing grain in bags

Over the years, farmers face the same problems. Every year during harvesting grain prices reduced to a minimum, and transportation businesses raise its prices, making the sale of grain and its transfer to the elevators unprofitable. More than 20 years in a number of agricultural producers of grain it is used a storage technology with flexible sealed polyethylene bags. Multilayer plastic bags – it is a new technology for Ukraine to store grain. For many agricultural countries it has been a reality, and very cost effective alternative to well-known granary and old-fashioned storages.

Because of a hermetically sealed bag, filled with a carbonic gas, your grain is preserved, also while preventing the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

Grain Bag Loader Grain Bag Loader


    * Grain perfectly maintained without loss in quality, even the seeds;
    * The grain amount is strictly controlled: the bag hermetically closed and stored under supervision;
    * Keep the standard humidity 12-14% - up to 18 months - saving on grain trucks and warehousing services;
    * Ability to sort products by grades and varieties.

Ground also needs to be prepared for filling the bags with grain. When downloading and discharging of grain the ground surface should be sufficiently dense and preferably even to transport without problems.

On the uneven surface of the atmosphere in the bag will also be uneven, which affect the condition of grain. The most optimal location of the bag - down the surface with a slight bias, because this will not allow a water to go inside the bag. When storing several bags you have to live technological intervals. This allows to get easy and quick access to any bag.

Primary care for the bags is a timely examination for tears and periodically checking the state of grain. If a crack is found its needed to be carefully taped. If a gap is found in time (within 2 weeks) it will not threat the grain. We offer a system that does not require significant investments, so farmers can use their money to improve technology and to expand productivity. In addition, a huge advantage of these bags – to solve logistics problems: during the harvest farmers are not worried about traffic, not stop harvesting, but just fills all the grain to bags.

Grain Bag Loader  

Grain Bag Loader LOFTNESS GBL - 10 *

-  size of bag 10 ft (3,05m)
-  subject for bagging – all kinds of dry grain
-  tractor power minimum - 50 h.p.
-  productivity - 800 t/h 

* - option for this model - road transport kit includes two transport wheels with new implement tires, a transport hitch and a hand winch to lift main hitch
* - option for this model - truck unloading auger.

Grain Bag Loader
Grain Bag Unloader
Grain Bag Unloader

Grain Bag Unloader - LOFTNESS GBU-10 *

-  productivity - 265 t/h
-  tractor power - 70 h.p.

* - option for this model - high capacity aux auger
* - option for this model - 9 ft/2,74 m. bag unloading kit.